On this page  you will find information which outlines how these competitions work and also eligibility. The more the merrier has always been our motto. It doesn't matter what level you are competing at, if you want to have a go and get involved (and have lots of fun) then please contact us and let us know.

Your horse must have to have an up to date flu certificate to compete at these competitions.



For those of you who want to qualify for the Championships there are qualifying teams and for those who are perhaps less competitive, or just want to compete for a bit of fun, or even just don't want to commit to possibly travelling south, there are non qualifying sections.


Members are expected to pay the entry fee for Area 22 competitions, this varies between £18.50 individual/£74 Team per Dressage/Show jumping competition to £60 individual/£240 per Horse Trials team. Members will also have to pay for any stabling that they require at area competitions although if the competition is local then most people will just travel from home each day.



To compete at Area and Championship competitions horses/ponies have to hold a current up to date flu vaccination certificate. If you are considering being available for team selection, it is advisable to send a photocopy of your flu vaccination certificate to the appropriate team manager  as soon as possible.



We select teams based on several factors. Firstly we take into account how well people have done at club and other local competitions and training. Then we see if those who have been successful would be interested in travelling to the South of England (should we qualify). Due to the distance of the champs we also take into account that people may not want to go all that way for one dressage test so when picking teams we try and have similar teams for all disciplines so that if we are lucky enough to qualify for several things then it makes it worthwhile going as people would have more than one thing to do.

No matter what though we will accommodate everyone who wants to compete and if you are not selected for the qualifying team you can possibly still compete as a qualifying individual although qualifying spaces are booked quite some time in advance of the competition so please make it clear to the appropriate Team Manager if you want to be a qualifier or a non qualifier. We are happy to enter as many teams as there are people to fill them!

Should our teams qualify at the Area competitions we then get to go to the champs, this year The Dressage/Showjumping is 3rd and 4th September at Lincoln and 5th-7th August at Swalecliffe Park, Banbury for the Horse Trials. If you know you won’t be available for the Championships then please discuss with us before you volunteer, maybe we can use you as a reserve or put you in a non qualifying team.



Stabling and travelling expenses cannot be covered by the club and so individuals have to pay these themselves. Depending on the level you are competing at, you may need up to 5 nights stabling for Horse Trials down to just 2/3 nights stabling for Lincoln.

Travelling long distance is also expensive and fuel for a 7.5 tonne lorry to the south of England will not be cheap.  Camping is free at these events and members

usually stay in their lorries, trailers or tents.

In previous years we have done a lot of fundraising which has helped towards stabling and fuel costs and if you are one of the lucky ones to get to the champs then you will be encouraged to help towards any fundraising activities.